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About the artist...

Christi Anderson is completely self taught with no formal training in jewelry. In fact she was a professional photographer for 11 years. In 2005 she began building Elemental Adornments. All work is created in fine silver Metal Clay. Christi's style is highly distinctive with painstaking details and hand carved intricate designs. It seems to carry Victorian themes such as Mourning Jewelry with flourished and fancy facets in designs. It's whimsical art jewelry that combines nature and architecture. Much of her inspiration is drawn from her architectural and cemetery images shot in various states around the country.

Her background in Illustration also aides in design as she carries a sketchbook full of ideas and inspirations. Features such as doors that open, gates that lock,hinges, keys and latches gives each piece a feeling of secret treasures to the owners. Many of her works are one of a kind and never recreated again the same way. In fact much of her work can't be reproduced by anyone other than the artist.

Christi's work has won countless awards and been seen in several popular magazines. You can find her current works for sale on the ETSY site or request a special commission.

She resides currently in Marana, Arizona with her husband and kids.

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